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Inanga spawning

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By Ira Seitzer
2005 National Waterways/Whitebait Connection Facilitator - Northland

Īnanga (Galaxias maculatus) is the most well known species of Galaxias and is found around our coastal rivers, streams, lakes and swamps, in almost any fresh water that it can reach in its upstream migration from the sea.

Its familiarity is due to the fact that the īnanga juveniles are the most important and abundant species of the infamous annual whitebait catch where it is known to make up 90% of the entire catch.

Aside from bringing great culinary pleasure to many of us, īnanga are a source of food for many animals, birds and are known prey for large eels, flounder and no doubt many other fish who feed on them.

It is vital that we are able to understand and recognise Inanga spawning grounds and their important role in the life of whitebait.

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