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Velvet & Elvis: A Mother and Son Story of New Zealand's Long Finned Eels

This children's book, is Stephanie Bowman's passionate response to a unique species on the edge of extinction. As an artist and writer, she has created a captivating story of a mother and son eel which is engaging, scientifically informative, and ethically inspiring.

bowmans eels 15 16She embarked on a tour around NZ in early 2011 to share her book, and started in Northland with the Whitebait Connection - we had a blast! Stephanie was on a mission to spread the word on the Longfin and get as many New Zealander's as possible contributing to her Longfin Tuna tapestry. The tapestry was contributed to by thousands of New Zealanders and once it was over 100 meteres long it was marched around parliament with a petition to stop the commercial fishing of Longfin Eels.  You can purchase her book here.

Stephanie Bowman is a freelance artist and educator whose focus is to help environmentally focused individuals, businesses, and organizations meet their visual communication and/or educational outreach goals.