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Onerahi School Programme, 2023

In term 2 of 2023 three of Onerahi School's year 3/4 classes engaged in a Whitebait Connection programme with coordinators Pat, Tracey & Greer.
Their programme included a local freshwater investigation at their local awa Waimahanga. At the Waimahanga awa the students did water quality testing, gathered macroinvertebrate samples and observed fish species that were caught in gee minnow traps and a hinaki. Positive things the students noted about the awa including shading, cool temperatures, high clarity and a high diversity of fish species. 
347559220 1870254910017910 2625969660558589270 nStudents met a tuna on their local freshwater investigation
 Proceeding their local freshwater investigation the students vistied Dragonfly Springs Wetland Sanctuary for an action day. During the action day the students learnt about the importance of wetlands and their function. Thanks to Jeremy at Dragonfly Springs for hosting the students for their action day and to Foundation North for funding this programme.
347628335 168981106131483 40794807716836058 nJeremy talking to the students during their visit to Dragonfly Springs