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Kaikohe West School Drains to Harbour Programme, 2021

In 2021 Kaikohe West School engaged in the Drains to Harbour programme in collaboration with our EMR Programme. This programme was funded by Far North District Council and led by Programme Coordinators Ray and Rosie.

The students that took part in the “Drains To Harbour” Programme were able to go on a field trip to their local stream for a freshwater investigation and were also able to experience marine life at Maitai Bay first hand. This reinforced their learning about the connection between streams and the marine life in the sea - although their local stream in Kaikohe is not directly connected to Maitai Bay. For some students, this was their first snorkel experience.

IMG 9359Students in a classroom session








 Their action involved stencilling their stormwater drains at school with quotes such as “He wai anake” or “Rainwater only” to spread the word about keeping stormwater drains clean.

IMG 5419Students with their stormwater drain stencilling