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Riverview School Programme, 2022

In 2022 Whitebait Connection Programme Coordinator Rosie worked with Riverview School for programme delivery. Their programme included a trip to the Waipapa Stream to measure waterway health and plant riparian trees.The planting and testing site was at the bottom of the catchment. 

Once at the planting and water testing site, the students discussed the Waipapa Stream’s journey through the catchment as well as the surrounding habitat. The area was recognised as an Inanga spawning zone and the importance of restoring streamside vegetation to protect the Inanga eggs that are laid there was discussed. The students planted 180 trees at the site! 

Planting at the Waipapa Stream

The same site was used for water testing. Here are the results of what was measured: 

  • Clarity - 40cm 
  • Temperature - 14 degrees celsius
  • Electrical conductivity - 70 - 80 µS/cm
  • pH - 6.5-7
  • There were a diversity of macroinvetebrates found

Riverview School students also did testing at the same site in 2019 & 2021 so it was cool to compare our results between the 3 years. 

Macroinvertebrate sampling at the Waipapa Stream