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Bay of Islands International Academy Programme, 2022

In term 3 of 2022, Whitebait Connection Programme Coordinator Rosie delivered a programme to Bay of Islands International Academy. This programme included a field trip to the Kapiro Stream as part of the students stream investigation.

Here are the results of the investigation: 

  • Habitat Assessment: The students noticed the stream was shaded and there was a good root system for native plants to keep the bank together
  • Temperature: 15-19 degrees celsius 
  • Clarity: 75cm (heavy rainfall occurred a few days earlier) 
  • pH: 7 
  • Conductivity: 70-80 µS/cm
  • Macroinvertebrates: mosquito larvae, worms, snails, water boatmen, diving beetles, woody cased caddisflies, damselfly larvae
  • Fish: īnanga, common bullies, gambusia (pest) 


Overall, the Kapiro Stream appeared to be in great condition. The electrical conductivity, temperature, water clarity and pH were all within the healthy range for freshwater. The habitat assessment was excellent, with lots of native trees growing along this stretch of the bank and instream water features to support aquatic creatures. The trees will prevent erosion and provide cooler water for freshwater creatures during summer.