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Snells Beach School

Snells Beach School is embracing the environment with this years theme, Care For Here.  One of the first activities, was a clean-up at the Snells Beach waterfront, including the grass area.  

The Year 3 and 4 students will explore the Snells Beach Stream as part of the Whitebait Connection Programme.

 The national programme was set up to help improve waterways to ensure the survival of whitebait and their habitat.  Students will be checking for whitebait, checking water quality and looking at ways to maintain it.

"We want our kids in their environment, getting muddy, sandy or wet; experiencing it, rather than just researching it" Snells Beach School principal Kathryn Ramel says.

"We want them learning about real life concepts, in a real context that they can take with them after the learning focus at school has moved on".

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