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New nursery resources available!

We're excited to launch our second He Kākano resource to help schools and communities with setting up their own native plant nursery to grow native plants. 

This guide will complement our existing seed collecting resource that we have received great feedback on and aims to assist anyone who would like to start growing native plants. 

Growing your own native plants is exciting. There are so many reasons to start your own nursery. You may want to grow plants to make sure you are getting closely eco-sourced seed, save money in a restoration project, or get your whānau and community engaged and educated on plants. ‘Nurseries’ can exist in many different shapes and sizes. You may want to start by keeping a few plants in your yard with some shade cloth draped over them, or you may want to create a full-blown community nursery producing thousands of plants to sell or donate. Whatever your space, capacity or level of knowledge is, this booklet is for you.

You can download the resource here



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