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Make sure you Check-Clean-Dry this Summer!

We are stoked we will be present at several Northland events again this summer as part of Northland Regional Council's Check-Clean Dry campaign!

Make sure you always check-clean-dry between waterways to protect our precious freshwater environments.

 Check, Clean, Dry method
Freshwater pests are already established in some of Northland’s lakes, rivers and streams and so the key is to prevent the spread.

If you visit our lakes or rivers, you can help to reduce the spread of freshwater pests by using the 'Check, Clean, Dry' (CCD) method:

CHECK equipment and remove any fragments
CLEAN all equipment that had been in contact with the water
DRY equipment thoroughly and then wait for at least 48 hours

NRC has also got excellent information and fun videos on their website

 CCD message

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