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All delivery and events are  currently postponed until further noitice as we are in ALERT LEVEL 4. 

The recent global COVID-19 pandemic has shaken our society‚Äôs fabric to its core and we are facing huge social and economic challenges as we navigate this new world.  Massive behaviour change has been forced upon us and stripped many simple freedoms that were once taken for granted. New Zealanders have shown remarkable resilience and adaptability through this challenging time.  

Many New Zealand organisations are reflecting on what this means for them moving forward. The Mountains to Sea Conservation trust (MTSCT) is now in a unique position to use this period of retreat to hone our strategies, keep our existing network around NZ strong and be ready to reconnect New Zealanders with nature and community action that builds environmental resilience. The core business of MTSCT is hands-on community engagement in the environment that leads to action for the environment.  Obviously this is a huge challenge in the near future now, but we are determined to stick to what we know works and be ready to continue to offer meaningful engagement and conservation action when New Zealanders emerge from this unsettling, but necessary, period of isolation. 

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