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Fish pass opens up Duck Creek in Auckland

For the landowners along Duck Creek, restoring the stream to its former glory has been a labour of love. First, the mature pine trees along the banks were removed, then native seedlings planted and other weed species managed. The icing on the cake was to remediate a perched, box culvert on the stream that was preventing migratory native fish from accessing wetland habitat upstream.

The landowners made two previous attempts to create fish passage up the culvert but high flows during flood events destroyed their hard work.  Thanks to funding from Auckland Council Healthy Waters, and through the Whitebait Habitat Restoration Project managed by the Whitebait Connection, this barrier has now been fixed.

Students up the creek for project

Featherston pupils led their community in showcasing an environmental project in the town. St Teresa’s School pupils and staff were at the town’s Donald’s Creek on Saturday to celebrate their work.

The project is aimed at improving habitat, returning native fish species, and encouraging community connection to a neglected and forgotten waterway.  The school partnered the Department of Conservation, the Mountains to Sea Wellington group, and other organisations to provide presentations, food, and entertainment.

Campaign aims to grow guardians for Tasman waterways

An environmental group, buoyed by support for its Abel Tasman coastline clean-up, is launching a scheme to get the region's schoolchildren more connected to conservation.

Tasman Bay Guardians is challenging businesses in the Nelson/Tasman to support its adopt-a-school campaign that aims to bring marine and freshwater education to primary and secondary students across the region. The programme can also be adapted for early childhood centres.

Mountains to Sea Annual Report 2019

Mountains to Sea Conservation Trust (MTSCT) has continued to empower communities and take action towards both marine and freshwater conservation.  The trust is committed to citizen science as a way of empowering local people to contribute to national science databases in a meaningful way.

The annual MTSCT report for 2019 has been released, outlining the numerous achievements by Whitebait Connection (WBC), Experiencing Marine Reserves (EMR) and other sister programmes.

Hikurangi students take petition to Parliament in plea to save native mudfish

Hikurangi's black mudfish might be small and slimy, but the endangered native species has gained a group of passionate supporters composed of an all-girls digital classroom at Hikurangi School.

Teacher Helen Moore said the class of Year 7 and 8s discovered the plight of the black mudfish or waikaka "in [their] own backyard" while learning about native freshwater fish earlier this year.

Matakohe-Limestone Island Trip 2019

We had a wonderful day at our annual Matakohe-Limestone Island trip with 40 participants! The initial departure time was delayed due to the fog, but once it cleared it was an absolutely stunning day! The day started off with a beach-clean-up, followed by a walk around the island and making some amazing rubbish art in the afternoon

Volunteers pull 195 kilograms of rubbish from Abel Tasman

The Abel Tasman National Park has more sparkle for summer thanks to volunteers who removed 195 kilograms of rubbish from the coastline.

The Sunday clean-up organised by environmental group Tasman Bay Guardians for Conservation Week, also saw longstanding graffiti etched into the brittle granite rock at Mosquito (Namu Namu) Bay removed.

Waihara Wetland - Morningside School Planting Day

The beauty of one of Whangārei’s inner-city waterways has been revealed through the efforts of Council staff, local contractors, Morningside School and the Whitebait connection. 

The Waihara Wetland at the end of Rawhiti Street has been a smelly, boggy, tidal ponding area that had little going for it.  Through everyone’s combined efforts it has now been turned into a beautiful stormwater treatment wetland.  

Connecting the community with the sea

Living so close to waterways, our community is directly affected by the ocean which surrounds us, which is why programmes such as Whitebait Connection are so important.

The Mountains to Sea Conservation Trust (MTSCT) was founded in 2002 and included two core programmes - the Experiencing Marine Reserves and Whitebait Connection programmes. 

Stream study illustrates big pollution problem

A group of 40 Year 8 students from Wentworth College got out in the field with scientists last month, assisting with studies into water quality and habitat in Stanmore Bay Stream.

The work took place under the guidance of Sarah Dimitrijevic of Whitebait Connection.

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