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Links to other useful websites and resources

Riverscapes for Kids Ecology educational resources
Riverscapes provides a range of services based around freshwater ecology. Riverscapes for Kids is about connecting children with nature.

LEARNZ provides free virtual field trips for all New Zealand registered and provisionally-registered teachers. Many of these field trips link directly with Environmental Education. During a virtual field trip, students experience going right to the centre of the most fascinating events, businesses and locations around the country, in real-time. Students' participation is supported by online background materials and activities, and is enabled using live audioconferencing, web board and diaries, images and videos uploaded daily.

Department of Conservation
Everything you need to know about NZ freshwater conservation!
Enter ‘freshwater’ in the main search and find information, research, projects, latest news.

If you’ve collected freshwater 'bugs' from your local stream, you’ll hopefully be able to use this site to identify them and learn about what they may reveal about their habitat. Such information can indicate whether a stream should be preserved in its existing good condition, or whether there may be a need for some form of restoration.

Waicare Programme (Regional/District Councils, Auckland region)
Not to be missed! Re-vamped database, excellent maps and teacher resources. Shows Waicare monitoring sites and info on water-environmental activities and events going on in and around the greater Auckland region.

Experiencing Marine Reserves(Mountains to Sea Conservation Trust)
Our ‘sister’ programme – developed in 2000 by Vince Kerr, co-ordinated and delivered by Samara Nicholas Check out this site to have the best marine experience ever!

Also check out for loads of info on marine stuff!

NZ Association for Environmental Education (NZAEE)
Good site info with links, networks, contacts on what/who/where it’s all happening nationwide in environmental education.

World Wildlife Fund for Nature

BoC Gases/Where there’s Water 

NZ Landcare Trust
NGO which facilitates, co-ordinates and supports community-based initiatives around sustainable management (often rural/farm focused). Various Waikato projects have a strong freshwater especially wetlands focus. Subscribe to the newsletter for up-to-date info – news, land management, pest control, workshops, funding opportunities and more.

NZ Forest and Bird

Kiwi Conservation Club
A cool site for kids, adults, teachers and parents. Fun activities, great information and easy to navigate. Have fun!

Bushmans Friend
Get through all the website advertising and jargon to find a comprehensive site with great information on NZ Native trees and plants.

Scientific research and public information on freshwater/catchment management.

NZ Water and Wastes Association Advocacy and learning Peter Whitehead This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.“Principle voice of the water sector” – sustainable management issues and problem solving around water and waste management.

NZ Water Citizens

Stream monitoring website for volunteers and volunteer groups. Database for Stream Monitoring Data and resources for stream monitoring. 

NZ Hydrological Society
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it./ 03-928-0620

Learning more about managing NZ’s freshwater resources. 

Landcare Research (Manaaki Whenua)
Primarily research-based organization without obvious specific reference to freshwater. Provides some education material and excellent biodiversity research. Funds a variety of sustainability education/advocacy work from time to time. Check out the Landcare Research Freshwater Invertebrates Guides

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