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Whitebait Connection - a freshwater community conservation education programme

Whangarei Boys High School Whitebait Connection programme 2012

Two classes from Whangarei Boys High School took part in the Whitebait Connection programme in Term four of 2012 with their Science teacher Linda Holdaway-Howard and WBC coordinator Kim Jones. Students learnt about whitebait, catchments and freshwater biodiversity and monitoring techniques in the classroom before venturing out to their local stream the Waiarohia to see what they could find. They found a range of freshwater invertebrates and some Common Bully and a Longfin Eel. Inanga were spotted as well.

View their results here.

The students found a lot of rubbish entering the stream from their school and they collected a rubbish bag full on their field trip.

WBHS 2012 waiarohia stream study4

WBHS 2012 waiarohia stream study5

WBHS 2012 waiarohia stream study6

WBHS 2012 waiarohia stream study10

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